Rules & Legal
To keep everything on a even playing field for all artists, there are a few rules for the site that need to be followed. We have these in place to keep the site open to everyone and not get blocked by website blocking software. These rules may change at any time just like the site. is a work in progress so as needed we will chage things.
  1. No Nudity - We understand that some tattoo artwork stretches into the nauty areas of the human canvas but we don't want to get labeled as an adult site. Any artwork that is submitted with nudity may be rejected or certain areas of the photo may be cropped or digitally blurred to cover the areas.

  2. Please be professional. We strive to feature the best artists in San Diego that are active in the local art scene and want to positively promote the art of quality tattooing. If you're artwork and tattooing are not at a professional level of quality you may not be added to the directory.

  3. Please work at a reputable and professional shop in the San Diego area. We do not promote mobile artists or ones that work out of their homes. This is not the website for that.

  4. No Gang Artwork - We want to keep this site a community of artists. No gang affiliations.

  5. No Racist Artwork - We love everybody.

  6. Artwork Submitted to the site by artist is property and copyright of the artist and should not be reproduced in any form.

If you have an opinion or think a rule should be changed or added feel free to contact us.